On Other Pages

Just to mention where my photos and thoughts have been featured on other people’s pages, here are links to three sites.

The Campsite Blog

Writer and climber, Sean McIntyre wanted to help promote my book on the Japan Alps, so after unsuccessfully trying to get the interest of the Alpine Club of Canada’s journal editor he moved on to this site and posted his review.

Kaley in Japan

A young woman from Orlando now living in Japan, Kaley asked me to write about my favourite place in Japan to feature in a post on her blog.

Dark Roast Blend

Love the name of this site even though I only tolerate drinking hot coffee. A post about concretions (explained in the post) includes a photo of mine from the Moeraki Boulders of New Zealand. The author saw my photo on ArtWanted and requested permission to use it.

Here is my photograph:

Elephant bum? A detail of one of the unusual concretion boulders at Moeraki Beach on New Zealand's South Island. This photo also appeared in an issue of Nature Photographer.


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