Recovering Alberta

I have been busy with preparing my next barrage of submissions. This past weekend I spent most of my work time selecting photographs to go with each piece I typed and I noticed the pickings were getting slim. Of all the photographs I shoot from place to place I keep only those that I think can be used for magazine submissions, stock photography, presentations, and a few record shots. Though I might have many “good” photographs I have fewer “great” photographs. And when I select images for submissions to magazines I have to pick the great ones.

So as I was going through my files I was looking for specific images and finding that I didn’t have as many of the ones I was looking for as I thought. It seems that as I have been sending stuff off to magazines and my stock agency I have been depleting my stock of great photographs. For three submissions I needed photographs from Alberta, particularly the badlands, but there was little left in my files. Australia, New Zealand and Saskatchewan were also suffering from a lack of great material from which to choose slides.

To the rescue were my boxes from Canada which I brought home in May. I finally opened a few of the ones marked “photo albums” and found my slide files. Most important was a box of various slides separated and organized in slide boxes to be used for presentations when I was back in Canada in 2005. In these boxes I found lots of photographs that fall on the great side in my opinion and I was even inspired with an idea for another topic to write about.

Now at last I can search through my whole library of slides of Australia, New Zealand and Saskatchewan. And most importantly for three of my articles, I have access to all my personal stock of photos from Alberta.


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