In 2007 I decided to start a project visiting and photographing various mountains and views in the Japan Alps. I had already been many places and still knew of many more places I wanted to visit. Most important was that I covered the Alps in my photographs in five aspects: season, weather, time of day, location, and photographic approach (wide angle, telephoto, low/high perspective, lots of sky vs. no sky, close-up, medium range, landscape, etc.). The two areas in which I was lacking variety were season and location.

So over the course of 2007 and 2008 I made about a dozen hikes to specific areas during specific seasons. My photo stock of the Alps increased but not as dramatically as I had hoped. Still, by my final hike of this year in October I had achieved the basic minimum of coverage for my five criteria. My wish list, however, remains incomplete. Since this is a time of year for wishes, here are my ten wishes for the next year or two. I know it will be virtually impossible to fulfill all wishes due to my tragic financial situation at the moment, but wishing is free, so here goes.

1. A 5 to 6 day autumn hike in the Uraginza Mountains, specifically including visits to Kurobegoro Dake, Washiba Dake, Suisho Dake and Yakushi Dake or Kasagatake.

2. A visit to the Shin Hotaka Ropeway in winter with a tramp in the snow up to the shelter near Nishi Hotaka Dake.

3. A visit to the Karasawa Cirque and Kita Hotaka Dake in spring or autumn with another run across the Dai Kiretto to Minami Dake and down through Hyoga Koen.

4. A hike to that pond (Senjin Ike?) near Tsurugi Dake and maybe a climb to the summit of Tsurugi. Again autumn looks best.

5. An early spring visit to Chogatake for the view into snowy Karasawa Cirque and the Hotakas.

6. Another run across the Shirouma Sanzan, preferably in better weather this time.

7. Another climb up Senjou Dake, again in better weather, perhaps in winter would be nice.

8. A climb up Hijiri Dake with a possible visit to Kamikochi Dake or Chausu Dake, whichever is the nearest to Hijiri (I forget right now).

9. Another visit to Shiomi Dake, perhaps in winter.

10. Either a visit to Norikura Dake in spring or back to the Senjoujiki Cirque for summer flower photos.


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