Once a Day; Once a Week; Once a Month

The end of the year now looms ahead. The chance to get anything prepared and submitted has nearly passed. I hesitate to mail off anything now because as of December 21 I will not be near a computer with Internet connection and the next day I leave for Canada. I will be out of touch for 16 days. I had one more thing I wanted to send by email: my short article submission for the All Japan Alpine Photography Association’s monthly newsletter. I just needed my wife to proof it once and she started last weekend, but this weekend I had to work one day and the next day we were busy and our son refused to nap during the day except for two 20-minute catnaps. She was also busy with other things while looked after him and so the weekend ended without the piece ever even getting a glance.

It is frustrating to have to depend on other people. I always prefer to be able to do things by myself. That way I don’t have to wait for someone to get around to finishing a task for me and I don’t have to feel like a nag for asking to have it done soon. If I could write Japanese well enough I could confidently submit my short articles. Maybe for the monthly newsletter of a photo club it doesn’t have to be perfect if the editor is okay about making corrections. But I plan to submit to major magazines next year and along with my submission of photographs I want to include at least a short text. If I have to wait two or three weeks for my wife to have time to check my work I fear my efforts will stagnate behind the dam of my poor Japanese ability. Especially in these next few months we need money and it would be nice to see some payments like last year.

A quicker alternative to submitting to Japanese magazines is finding more English publications to which I feel confident submitting my writing and photographs. Now that my contact at ST Weekly has resigned I’ll have to try to get my ideas accepted by someone else or somewhere else.

That leaves me looking at my monthly work schedule that I have decided I must maintain. Every day, five days a week, I must spend at least an hour at night doing something about photography or writing, even if it’s just filing or labelling slides. Every week I hope to have completed a small project or at least a part of a big project such as writing a piece, having a piece in Japanese edited, or selecting photos for a submission. Every month, I hope to get a least one submission in the mail. Each month I must finish something to send out, whether it is a magazine submission, my annual submission to Q Photo International or a submission to a calendar publisher such as Yama to Keikoku.

If I can make enough money each year from my photography and writing then I can avoid having to get a part-time job or having to work at the school six days a week.


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