Some People Have Money

I’m participating in an exhibition called The World Nature Big Photo Exhibition (世界の自然大写真展). The exhibition will be held at the Tokyo Geijutsu Gekijo on the 5th floor in the Big Gallery, from Jan. 27 to Feb. 1.

In order to participate I had to submit 2L size prints from which the judges would select any images they felt suitable for the exhibition. I sent four photographs and was told that two had been selected. There would be a professional scanning charge of 2,000 yen plus a printing and framing charge of 18,000 yen per photo. I could not afford to pay for both photos so I asked them to pick one and I would pay for that one to be part of the exhibition.

Last night I came home and found an envelope containing 50 post cards advertising the exhibition and with my name included in the list of 64 contributing photographers (the only name in Katakana). Also there was a check list of contributing photographers and their photo titles. I checked that my photo from Huang Shan, China was correctly titled. Then I noticed that beside my name was a number: 1. Some people had 2 or 3 beside their names and there were correspondingly 2 or 3 photo titles. So I guessed that number showed how many images each person had contributed.

But then I noticed 10, 15, and 20 by some names, and 26 by one name! Had one person contributed 26 photographs? With a scanning charge and printing/framing charge of 20,000 yen per image that means he paid 520,000 yen! Even if his photos were digital images and didn’t require scanning (unlikely as most who contribute to these kinds of exhibitions are using film) he would still have had to pay 468,000 yen.

I guess I should just be glad to be a part of the event. But it reminds me that some people have a lot of money. And I know that if I had 520,000 yen extra I would not have blown it all on submitting to a photo exhibition unless it was my own.


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