Opening Remarks

After almost two years of maintaining a blog on a site managed by a friend of a friend, I logged in one day and attempted to post something only to find my site went blank. Everything was there on the blog management page but there was only a white screen where my posts, archives, calendars and so on should have been. No amount of deleting and reposting changed anything. My memories in cyberspace were literally coming up blank, a kind of cyber-amnesia.

So I walked away, logged out actually, and left for a year or more. When I returned everything was still blank and there was no reply from the main site when I tried to change something… anything! Just… nothing!

Skips ahead a few more months and I found myself thinking about a new blog. Then I saw one by a photographer whose photos I admire on Flickr. (I’ll attempt to link his stuff from here later). I asked him about blogs sites and he recommended WordPress. So at last here I am, starting a new blog.

What’s this going to be about? This is going to be a personal blog related to my efforts as a photographer. I just want to keep track of events, outings, experiences, books and so on. Anyone is welcome to read and comment, but I am thinking that I will post for myself.

So, here’s the first post and hopefully later I will get around to setting up my site space and making it a little more personalized.


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